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SDP610-500pa. Fark Basınç Sensörü




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  • Digital Sensor without Zero-Point Drift

    The digital differential pressure sensors of the SDP600 series provide a digital I²C output, excellent long-term stability and measure with high sensitivity and accuracy even at low differential pressures (10 Pa). Thanks to its high integration level and clever packaging, the reliable CMOSens® sensor can be offered at an economical price.

    The fully calibrated and temperature compensated sensors are available in different versions. The SDP600 is intended for a direct threaded connection to a pressure manifold via O-ring sealing, while the SDP610 is designed for a tube connection. SDP600 series is designed for high-quality mass production, which makes it an ideal fit for demanding OEM applications.

    Sensirion Differential Pressure SDP600


    • No offset, zero drift, hysteresis free
    • Digital I²C Output
    • Accuracy < 0.04% full-scale near zero
    • Measurement range ±500 Pa / ±5 mbar / ±2 inch water
    • Excellent repeatability (even below 10 Pa)
    • Fully calibrated and temperature compensated


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